Thursday, June 11, 2009

News for the coming resurgance of Sick, Sad World.

First order of business, I am going to start offering online copies on this very blog, and directing readers to it from the paper copies. While this may seem redundant, more people may want to just get SSW in their e-mail, rather than just find one around campus. So, I'll be doing both of those.

SECOND order of business, I'll be starting a myspace page for SSW, mainly as a way to better gauge the number of fans. People are more likely to send a friend request than to email me telling me how great or crappy of a job I'm doing.

THIRD order of business, this coming issue, issue number three, of Sick, Sad World, will have two guest submissions from independent writers. They have yet to tell me what their pseudonyms will be, but it will be a kind of rant in a section labeled "Present", which will take the place of our usual "Nostalgia" section, and a Music review by someone more musically inclined than me.

Well, that's all for now, prepare for more in the fall when SICK, SAD WORLD makes its triumphant return to publication, after taking the summer off!

Oh, and here is a sneak preview...