Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sick, Sad World: Is your existance deadly? Only to others..

Did you know you can be a weapon? Did you know that your very existence could be an attack on someone else? How? Well, didn't you know? Any TOOL is a WEAPON if you hold it right.

What could be your invention, your idea, or even your greatest gift, may be a threat to another person. And I dont mean that it can be physically used to harm someone, because what I mean by your "tool", I mean something called Grinding. Grinding is an umbrella term for Transhumanism, body mods (biological or cybernetic), cyborging, hacking, lateral thinking, etc... To relate, when you see a guy with spring legs in the Olympics, or people who put chips in themselves to use their house, or someone who replaces their eye with a webcam, THAT is grinding (all these things already exist, by the way).

But there comes a time when it stops being "that guy" and "that girl", and becomes "those people". THAT is when it becomes a weapon. To some people, the thought of large groups of people climbing, pulling the future towards us, maybe before some of us can handle it, will sound like a barrage of gunfire. Don't believe me? Well, if you dont know there are people making the future come faster than usual, how do you know there aren't already people trying to stop it dead in it's tracks? In fact, there are some people who are seriously, 100% Anti-Longevity. Think about that. They would prefer if you would die at a respectable time, thank-you-very-much.

What are the stakes? Well, do you see any neanderthals around? No? Good. We (humans) won. How much did we win by? 00.1%. That's how different we were, and they are DEAD.

Why does that figure matter? Well, what if tomorrow, you find out that there is a subculture of underground DIY scientists and biologists making it so that they now have that .1%? What if they were going to have a whole percent on you? How could we compete?

Well, they are. You'd be hard pressed to find them, but they are there, and they are growing. They are called Biohackers, and they are getting ahead of the game. Now, THAT is a cultural weapon if I ever heard one. Imagine sharing a seat on the subway of someone who was a whole different species than you.

There is no Alternative Culture. There was, and there will be, but we are living in an era where nothing isn't mainstream. The only way to not feel like the stream is pulling you is to either fight the current and enjoy the actually great things we have left to rot, OR to swim with the current, and get there before you were supposed to.

Where is that? Well that's the good thing about the future, you get to choose where it goes. I think we all have some ideas as to where we want that will be.

I will speak to you all again soon.
Don't Go to Sleep.


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