Saturday, January 31, 2009

I wanna publish zines, and rage against machines...

That's one thing from the previous decade that should not have been left behind. Zines.
Can you name or even find a zine these days? I am thinking dangerous thoughts, and one of them is to spread the word. My word, actually. Las Vegas has become such a malaise of apathy and boredom and uncreative thought. I feel I should bring it upon myself to set a match to this dry town in the form of a zine. Self published, limited release, local, noninclusive.

This will be a printed vitamin for the mind! Hell, an energy shot! You will pick up this thin, brightly colored magazine/pamphlet, clumsily hand folded and stapled, with its thought provoking cover of a warning sign. A warning sign for things to come, for threats that dont exist YET.

Will I steal quotes? Yes. Use without permission? Oh you bet. Ask politely if I could set a stack of them by their door, next to the twin whores of commercialism, the LV Weekly and the Citylife? Ha Ha, SCREW THAT. The writers will be pen names, pseudonyms. Waving our genitals in the dinner pary that is creative property laws! You wont be part of it, or even party to it. You will be victims of free speech!

Woo, thats enough ranting for tonight...

Keep your eyes on the blog, on your newstands, and on the skies.
Existential threat by Arenamontanus.
Dont go to sleep. Goodnight.

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